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  1. Dear User, Below you can find full specification of our first product MegaCheat Zula, a premium cheat for popular FPS game Zula. General Information: Version: 4.0 Price: 30 days - $19,99 60 days - $39,99 90 days - $59,99 Payment Methods Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Zula versions (servers) supported All versions are supported, also includes Steam Supported platforms Windows 10 x64 (latest 3 versions) Windows 11 (latest 3 versions) Streamer's Edition: This product is also available as Streamer's Edition (SE). Products from SE lineup use a special drawing system that allows you to stream your gameplay without showing cheat-drawn elements during live streams and offline recordings. This product cannot be purchased from Subscription panel. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact me via private message for more details. Features: Aimbot - configurable auto-aiming experience: 3 operation modes - Classic, Trigger (shoots automatically when enemy is under your crosshair) and On Key (activates aimbot only when hotkey is pressed) Target hitbox selection Field of view control (1-360 degrees) Auto Fire option Aim Lock - algorithm prioritizes most recent target to avoid random changes in the heat of battle Target priority rules - choose how algorithm will prioritize new targets Distance limit - configure max activation distance with granularity of 1m Smoothing Reaction lag Wallhack - see players through walls and obstacles Name ESP - see every player's name over his head Box ESP - configurable per team, customizable colors, visibility-aware, 2D and 3D box modes Skeleton ESP - configurable per team, customizable colors, visibility-aware Bomb ESP - visibility-aware Chams - configurable per team, customizable colors No Smoke - removes smoke effect from smoke grenades No Flash - removes flashbang effect Recoil Reduction - reduce weapon's recoil to any value from 0% (normal) to 100% (no recoil at all) No Spread - reduce bullet spread to any value from 0% (normal) to 100% (no spread at all) Fast Reload - reduce your reload time to zero and never worry about dying because you were reloading Fast Weapon Switching - switch instantly between all available weapons Rapid Fire - fire faster from all weapons, speed is customizable Rapid Knife - faster normal and stab attack, speed is customizable separately for every attack type Anti AFK - you can stay inactive without being kicked out of the game Continuous Shooting - fire series of bullets from pistols, snipers, etc. with a single click No Camera Shake - removes camera shaking effect caused by nearby explosions, so you never lose your aim No Scope Overlay - removes black overlay when using zoomed in sniper weapons, now you can see everyone perfectly Laser Dot - enable dot crosshair for every weapon HWID Changer - change your hardware identity so your PC will never get banned, this feature is BattleEye-proof and also covers PC bans specific to IDC Games versions of the game Media:
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