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  1. Steam version of Apex Legends is now supported
  2. This can happen when amount is wrong or you have sent it too late. Please send me address to which you have paid via PM.
  3. We are proud to announce our newest cheat in MegaCheats product line: MegaCheat Apex Legends. Please make sure to check its full specification here: As always we'll keep adding features according to feedback of our VIP members, so you can expect frequent updates to this specification in upcoming weeks Give MegaCheat Apex Legends a try and become our VIP member today!
  4. All versions are supported. We don't offer trials.
  5. General Information: Version: 1.0 Price: 30 days - $14.99 60 days - $29.99 90 days - $44.99 Payment Methods Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Game versions (servers) supported Origin Steam Supported platforms Windows 10 x64 (latest 3 versions) Features: Aimbot - configurable auto-aiming experience: Accurate projectile prediction Two operation modes - Classic and and On Key (activates aimbot only when hotkey is pressed) Target
  6. Developers of PUBG Lite have published the following announcement: As the game will be closed soon, we have no other choice but to terminate our service for PUBG Lite as well. I would like to thank all customers for purchasing this product, existing subscriptions will remain valid until game termination date.
  7. We are proud to announce first product in our new Streamer's Edition (SE) lineup: MegaCheat Zula SE. Products from SE lineup use a special drawing system that allows you to stream your gameplay without showing cheat-drawn elements during live streams and offline recordings. This product cannot be purchased directly from Subscription panel. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact me via private message for more details.
  8. Recently we've noticed unusual amount of people having problems with making proper ETH payments. All people with this problem had one thing in common, they were using Paribu to send their payments. For reasons unknown to us, Paribu started to round all ETH payments to 6 decimal places ONLY. ETH is divisible up to 18 places and our system may ask you to pay amount which needs more than 6 decimal places. Paribu is currently only known service that no longer respects nature of Ethereum network and silently rounds all payments without clear notification for their customers. This means that if
  9. You either didn't send correct amount or your session has expired. Please send me address you paid to via PM and I will look it up.
  10. Hello, Are you ready for Christmas break? Be sure to check out our newest release: MegaCheat Zula v3. Here's a short summary of newly added and improved features: Skeleton ESP - team choices and colors are fully customizable Rapid Knife - customize speed for regular and stab attacks separately Rapid Fire - fire speed is now customizable, improved support of fast-shooting weapons Continuous Shooting - fire series of bullets from pistols, snipers, etc. with a single click Aimbot improvements Distance limit - customize max activation range with granularit
  11. @cristopher We moved away from such unreliable and expensive methods long time ago. We are not coming back to this.
  12. Google is your friend: https://www.bitdegree.org/crypto/cheapest-cryptocurrency-exchange
  13. I already listed all available methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. If you have credit card, you CAN buy cryptocurrencies. You have everything that's needed. If you want to have two accounts for same product then you will need to register second account here.
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