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  1. Most sites will require some kind of at least minimal verification, just as your bank needed to confirm your identity to let you create account. Nowadays cryptocurrency exchanges require same KYC verification as every other financial institution. However there are still some options left for you: https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/kb/buy-bitcoin-without-verification-id/ Btw we recommend ETH as best option. Lowest fees and fastest confirmation times. I would say that ETH > LTC > BTC.
  2. Use either international or country specific exchanges: https://bitcoin.org/en/exchanges#asia Get ready to use your bank account directly (wire transfer) rather than credit card. I also suggest Ethereum because of lower confirmation times and fees. Most exchanges will offer many popular currencies (way more than we support here).
  3. Payment system is fixed already. Sorry for inconvinience.
  4. You go to https://megacheats.io/subscription/ pick your package and send BTC/ETH/LTC to address you will receive there. We recommend Ethereum instead of Bitcoin because it has lowest network fees.
  5. As far as I know it's only wallet service. In general I recommend using regular desktop wallets like Electrum and not trusing websites with this.
  6. Via blockchain? I'm not sure what do you mean. Blockchain is name of technology standing behind Bitcoin, it doesn't have anything to do with purchases. There are plenty of exchanges with worldwide access: https://bitcoin.org/en/exchanges
  7. That's completely false. Cryptocurrencies are available globally and Turkey isn't any kind of exception here. This is different from credit cards which are often not honored if they are issued in Turkey (like on PayPal). Buying with PayPal balance is the hardest option because nobody wants to sell them that way due to very high risk this method introduces. You can sometimes buy smaller amounts directly from other people via services like Local Bitcoins though. If you respect their rules you should be rather scam-safe but best way is to just use your bank account and buy from a regular exchange. Also remember we support extremely popular Ethereum and Litecoin. You aren't limited to just Bitcoin. Personally I think ETH is underappreciated option, it has low fees and faster confirmation time. Perfect for smaller payments like here on MegaCheats.
  8. No it's not possible. Also crypto currencies are very popular and it's becoming easier, not harder to purchase them. There are several options. Also if you own your wallet the only way you can lose your coins is to lose or share your password. Just like regular cash. If you mean losing value just buy shortly before spending.
  9. Dear members, We know that many of you experienced issues with PayPal and we were not satisfied with it as well. We have heard your feedback and decided to remove that option completely. Instead we are introducing new crypto currency options! You can now acquire MegaCheats subscriptions with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). We hope that those secure, fast and privacy-preserving payment methods will provide you with highest quality checkout experience.
  10. We are going to expand our offer but we are focused on PC market. There are no plans to support and mobile devices/games.
  11. @johncaixa Please read forum rules and speak english.
  12. Yes, of course. Please note we don't have any support for ESL though.
  13. Hello, We are proud to present our newest release: MegaCheat Zula v2. This is a major update for our Zula cheat with several new features and improvements: Completely reworked Aimbot: 3 operation modes - Classic, Trigger (shoots automatically when enemy is under your crosshair) and On Key (activates aimbot only when hotkey is pressed) Target hitbox selection Field of view control Auto Fire option Anti AFK - you can stay inactive without being kicked out of the game No Camera Shake - removes camera shaking effect caused by nearby explosions, so you never lose your aim No Scope Overlay - removes black overlay when using zoomed in sniper weapons, now you can see everyone perfectly Laser Dot - enable dot crosshair for every weapon Recoil Reduction - our No Recoil feature has been reworked into configurable Recoil Recution, so you can control precisely how much recoil you want for more legitimate experience Spread Reduction - same change as with recoil Chams - improved performance and now can be configured per team Box ESP - can be configured per team and you can customize colors Don't wait and become our VIP Member today! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Merhabalar, Sizlere en yeni güncellemenizi sunmakta gurur duyarız: MegaCheat Zula V2. Bu güncelleme ile birlikte Zula oyununa bir çok yeni özellik ve düzenlemeler getirdik: Yep yeni bir Aimbot: 3 modlu- Classic, Trigger (Rakip nisan alanındaysa otomatik ateş eder) ve On Key (aimbot belirlediğiniz tuş'a basıldiğinda otomatik aktif olur) Hitbox özelliği Alan kontrolü Otomatik ates özelliği Anti AFK - Bu özellik sayesinde oyunda AFK kalabilirsiniz ve oyundan atılmazsınız No Camera Shake - Etrafınızda oluşan patlamalar vb. kamera sallanmasını etkilemez No Scope Overlay - Sniper kullanırken etraftaki siyah alan kaldırılır ve her şeyi daha net görürsünüz Laser Dot - Bütün silahlara kırmızı nokta nisan alanı ekler Recoil Reduction - No Recoil özelliğini geliştirdik ve bundan sonra geri tepme oranını kendiniz ayarlayabilirsiniz Spread Reduction - Geri tepme özelliğinin aynısını mermi dağılması içinde uyguladık Chams - Rakipleri duvardan görme özelliğini geliştirdik ve bundan sonra takımlara göre de ayarlanır Box ESP - Rakipleri kutu içine alıp istediğiniz rengi belirleyebilirsiniz. Beklemeyin hemen VIP Üyemiz olun!
  14. Check if: PayPal supports your country you have enough funds on your PayPal account and/or credit/debit card your credit/debit card isn't expired Most common problem we see here is that Turkey is NOT a supported country.
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