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  1. We support 3 newest stable versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 but in reality everything above RS4 should work fine.
  2. We are proud to announce our newest cheat in MegaCheats product line: MegaCheat New World. Please make sure to check its full specification here: As always we'll keep adding features according to feedback of our VIP members, so you can expect frequent updates to this specification in upcoming weeks. Give MegaCheat New World a try and become our VIP member today!
  3. General Information: Version: 1.0 Price: 30 days - $49.99 60 days - $89.99 90 days - $119.99 Payment Methods Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Game versions (servers) supported Steam Supported platforms Windows 10 x64 (latest 3 versions) Windows 11 (latest 3 versions) Features: Aimbot - configurable auto-aiming experience: Two operation modes - Classic and and On Key (activates aimbot only when hotkey is pressed) Target bone selection Aimbot activation limiters: field of view or screen distance Auto Fire option Aim Lock - algorithm prioritizes most recent target to avoid random changes in the heat of battle Target priority rules - choose how algorithm will prioritize new targets Distance limit - configure max activation distance with granularity of 1m Configurable smoothing and reaction lag for humanized experience Target type selection (players and creatures) Player ESP Configurable activation distance Name ESP Distance ESP Health ESP - bars (top, right, left) or numbers Box ESP - 2D or 3D customizable colors for visible and invisible players Creature & Gatherable ESP Configurable activation distance Distance ESP Box ESP - 2D or 3D customizable colors HWID Spoofer - reliable protection against EAC hardware bans Media:
  4. No, we don't offer trials and pricing is very affordable. I'm a bit suprised that you are interested in Zula cheats and haven't heard of us before. We've been selling this product for over 3 years now and we've demonstrated great levels of resilience when it comes to many changes game has faced during this period.
  5. @matin1387 It's already a very affordable price for a BE cheat, we can't go any lower. Also the most popular server is TR.
  6. @Erfan Of course, all of our products are actively maintained
  7. No, you will need to acquire crypto. It's really easy.
  8. We are happy to announce that Windows 11 is officially supported for all MegaCheats products
  9. MegaCheats

    aim hakkında

    Always check the spec. It's updated every time we release something new
  10. MegaCheats

    aim hakkında

    @Cuqqa You didn't mention which product you are interested in but all of our products feature highly configurable aimbots. Check specification for details.
  11. You can use any 3rd party wallet service or a real wallet owned by yourself (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, etc.)
  12. MegaCheats

    Zula Hack

    Moved to turkish section.
  13. Check out our new gameplay video from MegaCheat Apex Legends 2. Please don't forget to subscribe to our channel and click the bell to receive notifications for new videos Don't wait and get your VIP access here.
  14. Why did you post in turkish section? Moved to pre-sale questions. To get confirmed automatically you need to send: exact amount - remember you CANNOT substract platform/network fees from this amount, this is amount that needs to be sent before your session expires If you have problem with any of those and you have sent your coins already please send me a PM with details about transaction (date and recipient address).
  15. MegaCheat Zula v4 has been released. Key highlights of this release: Aimbot improvements Full FoV range is now supported up to 360 degrees Added configuratble smoothing option for more legitimate experience Added reaction lag feature for more legitimate experience Added Bomb ESP - locate bomb package easily and plan your path accordingly Player ESP and Skeleton ESP are now visibility-aware, colors for visible/invisible states are configurable Player ESP received new 2D box mode You can check our full specification here. Don't wait and become our VIP Member today!
  16. Scammers are everywhere. All I can do is to remind people that only place to get our cheats is to buy them here or from OFFICIAL resellers. By the way it's amazing how naive some people can be. There's no free lunch. Some people really believe they can get free or even cracked cheats without getting a virus instead...
  17. You can buy in packages listed on subscription page. They add up if you purchase multiple times.
  18. MegaCheat Apex Legends 2.0 has been released! We came a long way since initial version. This wouldn't be possible without your constant support and feedback. Here are some key changes we've made since 1.0: Added Steam support Added HWID Spoofer Added Glow Hack Added Radar Added several advanced ESP options Added several aimbot options Added support for "Arenas 3vs3" game mode Make sure to check out our full specification and purchase your subscription to enjoy the cheat itself and all extra benefits of our VIP membership!
  19. In very simple words, that isn't true at all. It's the person that reports you sending information to the server, not you. You can't magically break into someone's PC with your cheat and stop that from happening (not to mention that would be totally illegal). Also Apex doesn't rely strictly on reports but on server-side anti-cheat component of EAC called Cerberos. It analyzes your camera movements and in-game performance to decide if something strange is going on. Of course such systems suffer from low precision, so if you aren't abusing aimbot too heavily and learn to play with it correctly, you will be ok. We are also working on bringing some new features to aimbot to customize it, allowing for more "humanized" experience overall.
  20. Topic moved to english section. Please send me address you have paid to via PM and I will check it for you.
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