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  1. Generally questions should be asked in this section. If you really need to ask something in private send a PM, I don't use Discords and other chat messaging apps.
  2. As I said HWID spoofer got released
  3. This feature has been released
  4. Yes, we always officially support latest 3 patches (some older might work as well but it's never guaranteed).
  5. We will be rolling out new HWID changer next week just for people like you
  6. You will get access to VIP section which explains everything.
  7. Yes, of course. All versions are supported.
  8. Please note there are 3 different HWID changers in MegaCheat Zula: Zula HWID changer IDC Games HWID changer BattlEye HWID changer - this one is TEMPORARILY disabled for now
  9. Dear members, We are proud to announce first release of our new product MegaCheat PUBG Lite. You can read more about the product itself and Early Access benefits in its specification topic: This product will remain in Early Access for a few weeks. During that time several extra features will be added but we encourage you to try it today and claim extra Early Access benefits.
  10. MegaCheat PUBG Lite is currently available as an Early Access product. Purchasing MegaCheat products during Early Access stage supports their further development and is rewarded with extra benefits: special discounted price bug bounty rewards - help in identifying hard to catch bugs to claim extra subscription extensions premium personal support extra bonus at the end of Early Access period very frequent feature updates without any extra costs Please note that list of features will expand very quickly during Early Access. Last update date of this page: 07.04.2020 General Information: Version: 0.1 (Early Access) Created by: MegaCheats Supported platforms: Windows 10 x64 (latest 3 patches) Prices (SPECIAL DISCOUNTED EARLY ACCESS PRICES ARE VALID ONLY UNTIL THE END OF EARLY ACCESS PERIOD): 30 days - $9.99 60 days - $19.99 90 days - $29.99 Payment Methods Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Features: Advanced ESP Player ESP - Box 2D/3D, configurable colors Vehicle ESP - Box 2D/3D, configurable colors AirDrop ESP - Box 2D/3D, configurable colors Item ESP - Box 2D/3D, configurable colors Aimbot - configurable auto-aiming experience: 2 operation modes - Classic and On Key (activates aimbot only when hotkey is pressed) Target bone selection (Head, Body, Legs) Field of view control (fine-grained selection from 1 to full 360 degrees)
  11. @kayraa It works on all supported Zula versions and platforms.
  12. Yes, all versions are supported. They are generally all the same besides 2-3 days of delay in updates.
  13. Most people could not use it and it was very unreliable.
  14. MegaCheats


    No action is required after payment. System is fully automated, you will receive your subscription as soon as Bitcoin network confirms your payment.
  15. Why did you post that in turkish section? Topic moved. Please contact me via PM with details and proof of ownership.
  16. MegaCheats


  17. Maybe your account is not fully activated/verified yet. Make sure you don't have any adblocker enabled and relogin to your coinbase account. If that doesn't help, you should open a ticket and ask what's the problem.
  18. We support cryptocurrencies only. They are fast, secure. hassle-free and supported globally. It's the fastest developing payment option of last decade. Our subscriptions allow you to access all associated VIP content: forums, software, support, etc. After subscription expires you lose access to all previously susbscribed assets.
  19. We don't offer free versions nor trials.
  20. MegaCheats


    For account-related issues please reach me via PM.
  21. You can't. We accept cryptocurrencies only. Check this tutorial:
  22. For network processing: depends on fees (https://ethgasstation.info/), typically 5-10 min for ETH For processing on our side: typically 5-10 minutes
  23. Important news for Litecoin users: We changed our addresses to legacy format (starting with the letter "L" instead of "ltc1") because it seems that too many exchanges/wallets don't support them yet.
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