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  1. ftakn6

    Zula Hack

    ben sana diyorum 150 TL olan bir şeyi 140'a satıyorsun sonra bayi'ler ucuz alıyor diyorsun ama "Reseller" TAG'ın yok
  2. ftakn6

    Zula Hack

    ben pubg için kullanıyorum ama şikayet yemediğin sürece ban yemezsin. olası bir "FİX veya Yakalanma" durumunda Sitede duyuru geçilecektir.
  3. ftakn6

    Zula Hack

    bayisin ve hala resellers "bayiler" TAG'ın yok Arkadaşım tokata çıkıyorsun madem mantıklı yalan söyle
  4. Greetings firstly, if you consider the MegaCheats executive team suitable for you, I would like to make a mutual agreement, I have a lot of Zula-related page owner friends, I can spread the advertisement of your trick to a wide audience. Also, since I spend a long time at the computer, I can advertise in rooms in the game and I would like to add that; I am also an Editor. I'm someone who deals with video work. If the aim is to shoot and broadcast the video of the tricks, it is simple, but for those watching it to use the trick, that video must shoot it. So it is necessary to make a beautif
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