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  1. Cuqqa

    aim hakkında

    Thank you very much for answering my questions well, I am trying to buy via bitcoin šŸ˜
  2. Cuqqa

    aim hakkında

    I think the smoothing feature has just been added because I bought it from here a long time ago, there was no smoothing feature.
  3. Cuqqa

    aim hakkında

    zula for the product If there is legit in the aim feature, I think about buying it because playing legit is very important to me. I looked in the zula specification section for but I couldn't see the legit aim feature. @MegaCheats
  4. Cuqqa

    aim hakkında

    herkese merhabalar hilenin aim ƶzelliğinde yumuşak aim varmı yani smooth ayarı kitlenmicek adama varsa sƶylerminiz @MegaCheats Is there a legit aim feature?
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