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How to buy BitCoin under 18 years old?


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I bought cheat 3 months ago by PayPal, that was easy one, because I only needed to type my credit card number, but I'd like to buy Zula Cheat once again, so I have a question - How can I buy BitCoin if I am under 18 years old? Actually I'm 17 and my bank account was created around 2 years ago. There's a problem - I've tried to create account on BitCoin sites, but they were asking me for personal informations like my job, name, surname, adress and even passport. 

Can I avoid it and buy cheat in some other way? Or maybe there's a site that doesn't require "verification"?

I'd like to know that, because I really enjoyed your cheat, but I had to stop, because of school exams and vacations with my family. 


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Most sites will require some kind of at least minimal verification, just as your bank needed to confirm your identity to let you create account. Nowadays cryptocurrency exchanges require same KYC verification as every other financial institution.

However there are still some options left for you: https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/kb/buy-bitcoin-without-verification-id/

Btw we recommend ETH as best option. Lowest fees and fastest confirmation times. I would say that ETH > LTC > BTC.

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