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MegaCheat Zula v3 Released


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Are you ready for Christmas break? Be sure to check out our newest release: MegaCheat Zula v3. Here's a short summary of newly added and improved features:

  • Skeleton ESP - team choices and colors are fully customizable
  • Rapid Knife - customize speed for regular and stab attacks separately
  • Rapid Fire - fire speed is now customizable, improved support of fast-shooting weapons
  • Continuous Shooting - fire series of bullets from pistols, snipers, etc. with a single click
  • Aimbot improvements
    • Distance limit - customize max activation range with granularity of 1m
    • Target priority rules - decide how aimbot should prioritize targets
    • Aim Lock - aimbot will favorize most recent target to avoid jumping between targets in the heat of battle

Don't wait and become our VIP Member today!

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