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Issues with Paribu


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Recently we've noticed unusual amount of people having problems with making proper ETH payments. All people with this problem had one thing in common, they were using Paribu to send their payments. For reasons unknown to us, Paribu started to round all ETH payments to 6 decimal places ONLY. ETH is divisible up to 18 places and our system may ask you to pay amount which needs more than 6 decimal places. Paribu is currently only known service that no longer respects nature of Ethereum network and silently rounds all payments without clear notification for their customers.

This means that if our system asks you to pay 0.12345678 ETH and you will order Paribu to send that amount, it will accept your request but silently it will send only 0.123456 ETH. As you know all amount mismatches prevent such payments from being processed automatically. This should never happen and it's a bug or intended misbehavior on the side of Paribu. Currently we RECOMMEND TO AVOID USING PARIBU TO SEND PAYMENTS.

Of course it's still fine to buy your coins there, just don't use their wallet service. Create a personal wallet you own (we recommend https://www.myetherwallet.com/) and transfer your funds from Paribu there. This will:

  • improve your security (you own your money, you will not lose them e.g. if Paribu gets hacked)
  • allow you to send and receive transfers PROPERLY with granularity up to 18 decimal places

If you have any questions about this feel free to ask them in our Pre-Sale Questions section. If your payment did not get processed properly because of this, please contact me via PM (please include date of payment and address you paid to).

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