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apex legends cheat


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while the aimbot looks so cool to try, it is easily detected by in game spectators due to the fast paced nature of the game. and with report being super easy, you pretty much will be reported a-lot if you use aimbot very often. so... my question is wether or not the reports actually reach the game server or the devs so they can start investigating? because i have used other cheat( in other games ofc) with that feature implemented making reports not go through. (i am a newbie btw so if what i am saying looks dumb plz dont flame me^^). cheers :)...

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In very simple words, that isn't true at all. It's the person that reports you sending information to the server, not you. You can't magically break into someone's PC with your cheat and stop that from happening (not to mention that would be totally illegal). Also Apex doesn't rely strictly on reports but on server-side anti-cheat component of EAC called Cerberos. It analyzes your camera movements and in-game performance to decide if something strange is going on. Of course such systems suffer from low precision, so if you aren't abusing aimbot too heavily and learn to play with it correctly, you will be ok.

We are also working on bringing some new features to aimbot to customize it, allowing for more "humanized" experience overall.

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