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MegaCheat Apex Legends v3 Released


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MegaCheat Apex Legends v3 has been released! Key highlight of this release is completely reworked Advanced Aimbot feature. Thanks to new profile editor you can now easily configure several newly added parameters to customize aiming algorithm to your liking. Profile system allows to keep 20 different sets of settings and change quickly between them via hotkeys. You can customize your experience to emulate all skill levels from noob to pro and of course abuse good, old full rage aimbot if you wish.

We also have a new Misc section with 2 new features. "Show real player count" will make sure that game UI always shows number of remaining players instead of "?" (normally that's what happens below 10 players). "Show enemies on map" will add markers for enemies in your in-game map and mini-map.

Make sure to check out our full specification and purchase your subscription to enjoy the cheat itself and all extra benefits of our VIP membership!

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