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Rules listed below must be respected when using megacheats.io. Please remember they regulate behavior on forums only, rules specific to product usage are not included here but in Terms of Service. For customers this document is complementary to our Terms of Service.

  1. Forums are english-speaking ONLY except national sections where it's explictly allowed to use appropriate national languages
  2. Spam will not be tolerated. This applies not only to publicly visible posts but private messages sent to staff and other members.
  4. When posting make sure to chose correct section for your topic/post.
  5. Content available to customer only may not be shared outside of VIP sections.
  6. Multi-posting/bumping is forbidden. If you need help, ask your question and wait, don't bump your topics. It may take several hours to get a reply, nobody can be online all the time.
  7. No illegal, obscene, vulgar, violent or pornographic content is allowed on this site. This also applies to avatars, signatures, private messages, etc. not just posts.
  8. Use search function before posting a question, to avoid duplicated discussions.
  9. It's not allowed to beg for free stuff, e.g. product trials.
  10. MegaCheats staff reserves the right to delete any content without a warning.
  11. No flaming, insulting of staff and any other member will be tolerated.
  12. All forms of recruiting or advertising must be pre-approved by staff.
  13. Don't contact staff with questions unless it's connected to your account (e.g. subscription or payment issues). All other questions should be asked publicly on forums, so others can participate in the discussion and learn about possible solutions. This helps to avoid similar questions in the future.
  14. It's never allowed to share your account. For customers such behavior will result in license termination. Also please remember that staff members will never ask you for your password, never share it with anyone.
  15. Ban evasion attempts will result in ban of every new account without warning.
  16. Don't ask for updates, estimates, etc. All information is always shared publicly by staff in appropriate VIP-only section.
  17. Issues, bugs, broken features, etc. must be reported in "Bug Report Topic". Every product has its own topic in VIP-only section. Read first post of the topic and please follow mandatory post template when reporting problems. Creating additional topics and sending private messages to staff is strictly prohibited.

Depending on severity of your violation staff member can restrict your account:

  • using warning system
  • restrict access to the site (forum ban)
  • for customers heavy violations of rules above can be treated as Terms of Service violations resulting in one-side termination of your subscription and account - this is the most severe punishment and it's used in exceptional situations as the last resort


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