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2 minutes ago, MegaCheats said:

@Cuqqa You didn't mention which product you are interested in but all of our products feature highly configurable aimbots. Check specification for details.

zula for the product

If there is legit in the aim feature, I think about buying it because playing legit is very important to me.


I looked in the zula specification section for but I couldn't see the legit aim feature.


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Aimbot - configurable auto-aiming experience:

  • 3 operation modes - Classic, Trigger (shoots automatically when enemy is under your crosshair) and On Key (activates aimbot only when hotkey is pressed)
  • Target hitbox selection
  • Field of view control (1-360 degrees)
  • Auto Fire option
  • Aim Lock - algorithm prioritizes most recent target to avoid random changes in the heat of battle
  • Target priority rules - choose how algorithm will prioritize new targets
  • Distance limit - configure max activation distance with granularity of 1m
  • Smoothing
  • Reaction lag


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